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Mireia Ruiz

Mireia Ruiz

Illustrator & Designer

Collectoe Artist Mireia Ruiz

Artist, graphic designer, set designer and teacher in prestigious art schools, Mireia Ruiz is one of the Spanish visual artists with the greatest impact in recent years.

Her particular vision of color and the geometry of her designs, where she explores light and color in all its aspects, applying it even beyond the canvas, have allowed her to make a place among the last batch of Spanish visual artists with more international projection.

Master in finding perfect combinations of color, she knows how to provide each work and art pieces with her own personality and atmosphere, without forgetting her particular style and her common imaginary. And not only in that personal domain of color, patterns and chromatic landscapes, but also in the way she gets her pieces to catch audience in a hypnotic and … magical way!


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Mireia Ruiz

Mireia's Instagram

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