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Nir Ovda

Nir Ovda

Designer & Art Director

Collectoe Artist Nir Ovda

Nir Ovda, artist, illustrator and content creator, is thriving in the art scene in Tel Aviv, Israel. Behind Nir’s art you’ll always find a common theme of contrasts whether it be love and fear, war and peace, noise and silence or others. 

Being a creative from a very young age, Nir’s passion for art re-emerged after his meaningful service as a combat soldier in the IDF; After which he began to explore the world of visual communications vowing to create a life of freedom choosing to live life in peace and lovee 

His incredible talent has been recognized by many gaining him a plethora of collaborations. He has worked with the likes of Nike, Onza x Coca Cola, Blue Stripess NYC and more often using his large scale art to create moving and meaningful murals.

Nowadays, Nir explores creative craft and ancient techniques and you can find him creating eclectic collages from illustrations combined with brushes and paint, carving and embossing, linoleum prints and murals in large scales.  


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Nir Ovda

Freedom Exists by Nir Ovda

Nir Ovda

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