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Combed Cotton 66% combed cotton, 18% nylon, 16% polyester


Cushioning & Seamless Closure Breathable socks with light, targeted cushioning giving your toes and heels the ultimate comfort


Crew Our classic crew sock height is between 5-7 inches above the ankle

International artist Shira Barzilay, also known as social media sensation Koketit is best known for her signature style of free line illustrations and abstract, linear faces with a sensual feminist twist.

In the box:
Sophie’s Ticketed - a minimalistic composition of a white background with an abstract face on top of pink, blue and yellow splashes of colour. On the top and lower half of the piece, coloured stripes in pink and blue complete the sophisticated composition.
All About Me - a composition of black abstract, freeline illustrations creating shapes and faces in Koketit's signature style on a white background with a pop of red to complete the composition and add a pop of colour.
Swagger - a minimalistic composition of white abstract, freeline illustrations in Koketit's signature style scattered around a black background.
Socialite - a composition of abstract illustrations featuring Koketit's signature style with vibrant colours filling in the shapes created by the abstract lines.