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About Us

the Curators

“Art washes
away from the
soul the dust
of everyday life.” 

– Pablo Picasso

As art-lovers, we appreciate the hard process that artists go through, and understand how valuable a marvellous piece of art really is; but most us just can’t afford it.
So we decided to combine art with another love of ours – socks. Because as we see it, your socks are the medium to show who you really are.

Our goal is to
give the artists
and the art world
as much as it
has given us.

Every pair of socks is designed by one of our curated collection of artists, and whenever you buy a pair, the artist gets his fair share and thus, can continue creating his art.

Our Art
Art Model

The artists get paid for every pair they sell. But not only this, we want to support the creative process and the art world with our ‘Art-Supports-Art’ grant. If you are an artist looking for fund, please fill out the form. We’d love to give back.

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Gal Shir
Gal Shir
Jorge Pena
Jorge Pena
Ale Giorgini
Ale Giorgini
Mireia Ruiz
Mireia Ruiz

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If you like art as much as we do, and want to support and enjoy it 24/7, check out our socks page or try out SoxBox monthly sock subscription.
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